lp cylinders

Hunters SPECIAL!!!  Don’t get caught without fuel.

  • #20 Pound BBQ Cylinders with 20 pounds of propane for $10 (Cash only!)
  • #30 Pound CAMPER Cylinders with 20 pounds of propane for $19 (Cash only!)

Don’t get light loaded at the exchange joints…  This is the best deal in the area and we fill them to the MAX!!

New replacement valves – custom hoses – regulators – cylinder recertification…  We do it all fast friendly service!  Check out our new tank gauge, you will know the minute your tank is going to run out.

Need a spare tank?  Re-certified #20’s for $42.50 and re-certified #30’s for only $89.00.  Both come with a FREE fill.   You can hardly tell them from brand new!

#100lb cylinders on sale for only $139.00 + FILL.  Mention this ad!!

Good through OCTOBER 31, 2019
Tank MUST be date stamped within the past 12 years and have an APPROVED DUST CAP for transportation and storage.