New Location!!!

Stop in to our new location located at 5187 Fenton Rd., south of Maple in the former Kroger building.

Propane Refills: (cash prices, credit card is extra)
#5 – $8.00
#10 – $10.00
#20 – $15.00
#30 – $20.00
#33 – $20.00
#40 – $25.00
#50 – $35.00
#100 – $60.00

Liquid Fuels
Off-Road Diesel – $2.499/Gallon
K-1 Kerosene    –  DISCONTINUED
91 Octane Gas Rec Gas – $3.659/Gallon
110 Octane Race Gas – $7.999/Gallon

MOTOR HOME BULK LP – $2.499/Gallon + 6% Tax

Solid Fuels – (please call in advance for coal) 

House Coal – 1/4 Yard @ $75,  1/2 Yard @ $149,   Full Yard @ $265
Blacksmith Coal – 50# Bag @ $25.00

We are proud to serve the mid-Michigan area as one of the only locations selling Blacksmithing Coal!  Strike while the iron is hot!

Sorry, but coal is currently unavailable due to the pandemic. Check back late August. Wood pellets are also unavailable.


Various spaces  from $59/mo

12wide x 10 tall  roller Door  for Seasonal climate controlled Boat Storage  from  $899 seasonal!

Shrink-wrap  packages from $8 per foot

Boat hauling – from $59

Call us to inquire about our pre-owned boat inventory & rental availability


2 Responses to New Location!!!

  1. Angela Rose Laugavitz says:

    Do you have ethanol free gas?
    If not do you know where I can get it in genesee county?
    It’s for my New Lawnmower.
    Thank you

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